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Roofing Manufacturer

Winner of the Supplier of the Year award, IKO stands as the leader in the roofing industry. IKO is based in Canada and has operations and exports all over the world. IKO is famous for its residential roofing shingles, commercial roofing products, industrial flat roofs, green roofs, and so on. IKO products are manufactured in ISO standard facilities and meet local and international standards. IKO shingles are resistant to wind, algae, heat, moisture, tear, and granule loss. IKO is a vertically integrated manufacturer in the roofing market. The IKOPro4 roofing system is a strong addition to the roofing products.

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IKO offers standardized training and certification to its contractors. This ensures quality of the installation of the product and standards. IKO's technical support and customer service makes it the first choice for contractors. IKO built premium projects in Canada, USA, Europe, Bulgaria, Austria, London, and so on.





Armourshake is the most popular in the premium designer shingles of IKO. The luxurious and the wooden shake look make Armourshake the first choice for homeowners. They are highly impact resistant and are less prone to fading, warping, or breaking.


Crowne Slate

Chosen by homeowners to match exclusive properties, Crowne Slate offers a natural slate look and excellent curb appeal. Each shingle has a unique look and have extreme weather protection against snow, wind, hail, and so on.


Royal Estate

Royal Estate shingles give a natural slate look and are easier to install. The shingles are coated with superior granule technology and are resistant to ultra violet rays and algae. Royal Estate shingles are available in range of colors to match the needs of customers.




Dynasty is the most popular shingle in the architectural shingles from IKO. Dynasty is available in larger sizes and is suitable for commercial roofing as well. Contractors prefer Dynasty shingles as it takes lesser time to install. Customers choose Dynasty due to the high wind resistance an color options.



Cambridge shingles have the heaviest mats and are available in Advantage sizes. IKO Cambridge is available in colors to suit the contemporary as well as modern look. Super white and natural blue are the popular colors in Cambridge shingles.


Cambridge IR

Cambridge IR have the Class 4 impact resistance and can withstand hail or snow. Cambridge IR are suitable for areas with extreme weathers and with year round storms. Cambridge IR works best when installed with the IKO Pro4 roofing system.



Marathon 20

Marathon 20 belongs to the traditional 3-tab shingles from IKO. Generated by computer technology, all the Marathon 20 shingles come in perfect sizes in order to blend correctly. Marathon 20 shingles come with a limited 20 year warranty, available in huge color selection, and fit within customer's budget.


Marathon 25/Marathon 25 AR

Marathon 25 shingles from IKO come with a 25 year limited warranty. They are available in range of colors and available in reasonable budget for the customer. Marathon 25 series are tested for weather resistance and protect the roof.


Marathon Ultra AR

Marathon Ultra series come in variety of colors and to match the customer's budget. The Marathon Ultra shingles can be installed with the IKO Pro4 roofing system. Roof starters, synthetic underlayment, ridge cap, and eave protection. Marathon Ultra are algae resistant and are qualified for Energy Star rating.

Olde Town Group

Olde Town Group
Olde Town Roofing

Leading Contractor in the Midwest

Sean Vogler is the owner of Olde Town Group which has headquarters in Moline, IL. Olde Town Group has operations over 200 miles from Quad Cities. Their services include roofing, siding, windows, home improvement, and commercial roofing. Olde Town Group partners with IKO roofing, CertainTeed products, Tyvek house wrap, James Hardie siding, and Andersen windows. Their roofing division, Olde Town Roofing, is a certified Shield Pro Plus contractor from IKO and also a SELECT Shingle Master from CertainTeed.

Olde Town Group has good working relationships with all its subcontractors and has continuity in suppliers. Customers choose Olde Town Group for their professional work ethics, rapid response, and quick clean up. Olde Town Group works with diverse customers, accepts most insurances, and partners with financing companies to meet customers budget. Call Olde Town Group at 5637239940 or 3097385550 or 3095171676 for more information.